Marcy ME709 Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

A recumbent bike can be the perfect choice for anyone who enjoys cycling but finds riding an upright bike to be too stressful on the joints. This style of exercise bike offers plenty of the same benefits you’d normally enjoy when riding an upright model, but with the added advantage of a lower center of gravity, comfortable saddle, and the position of the pedals, which allows you to ride with your legs fully extended.

As one of the oldest and first fitness companies in the world, Marcy has become a company you can trust to produce some of the best, reasonably priced models of recumbent bikes on the market. The ME709 is a pretty basic recumbent, as far as features go, but it offers a pretty effective, efficient workout, the type that’s sure to get you results, especially if you combine it with a short weightlifting routine.

Pro Tip: You’ll love the type of versatility this recumbent offers, not to mention the challenging resistance levels, comfortable saddle and backrest and the LCD screen that allows you to track your progress during and after a workout.

Recumbent Exercise Bike by Marcy

First off, this model features a total of eight resistance levels, which should meet both the needs of the beginner and intermediate user.

The large, cushioned adjustable saddle allows you to sit back and enjoy your favorite shows or book, while still providing a pretty intense workout designed for rapid weight loss and impressive muscle gain.

Changing up the resistance levels during a workout is quick and easy, but it must be done manually. The resistance is controlled using a tension knob, which is located below the console, at the front of the bike. You’ll turn the knob counter-clockwise to decrease the resistance and clockwise to increase it. The first two resistance levels are perfect for warming up or for the beginner who wants to slowly ease into cycling routines. Resistance levels three to six will become progressively more difficult. Levels seven and eight are recommended for intermediate or advanced riders and require plenty of leg power, providing a very challenging workout. Changing the resistance levels as you ride is virtually silent and offers a very smooth transition.

The bike’s pedals are equipped with thick straps that prevent the feet from slipping out during a high impact workout routine. In order to reach the pedals, the user will need to be at least five feet tall. Because the pedals are placed below seat level, the legs will extend beneath the body, putting less stress on the back, knees, and butt.

The bike itself weighs in at fifty pounds, which is very lightweight for a recumbent bike. It also has built-in transport wheels located on the bike’s front bar, so you can tilt it to transport it to a different room or store it away until the next workout.

The manufacturer offers a two-year limited warranty on the frame, which is pretty impressive considering the low price.

The bike also features an LCD screen which will track important statistics such as calories burned, time elapsed, current speed, and distance covered. This will help you to monitor your workout progress and times so you can adjust future workouts accordingly.

Additionally, this bike is also very easy to assemble and will take less than an hour to complete.

Because the bike functions using magnetic resistance you can expect a nearly silent performance so you can work out early in the morning or late at night when other members in the household are sleeping.

The bike’s pedals are counterbalanced, which enables the rider to pedal both in reverse and forward cycling motions.

The adjustable foot straps and handlebars add to the overall safety and comfort of the ride.

ME709 Recumbent Workout Bike Pros and Cons

Pros: The extensive warranty is a big selling point for consumers. As is the high weight capacity which comes in a 350 pounds. The higher weight capacity allows users of all sizes to enjoy an intense workout. The compact, lightweight design makes this bike perfect for apartment dwellers and homeowners who are short on space.

The LCD screen is battery powered so bike usage won’t affect the electric bill. The bike’s smooth and quiet operation makes it a good choice if you enjoy working out when other members in the household are sleeping.

  • The variable resistance levels make this recumbent a great option for beginner and intermediate users. These resistance level options also allow you to increase the intensity of your workouts over time.
  • The bike’s overall construction will keep the bike firmly in place even when you’re pedaling at top speed, preventing it from rocking or tipping during use.
  • The heavily padded saddle and ergonomically angled backrest provide you with a truly comfortable workout platform. However, the backrest isn’t adjustable. Because this bike uses magnetic resistance, it’s a very low maintenance bike.

Cons: Unfortunately, this is a very basic model, which means it doesn’t come with any workout programs or a heart rate monitor. If you’re over six feet tall the arm rests may be too short.

If you’re looking for a bike with programmed workouts or more resistance levels, consumers highly recommend the Schwinn 270.

Marcy Recumbent Workout Bike Conclusion & Rating

Coming with a variety of resistance levels, this recumbent bike by Marcy is suitable for users of most fitness levels, especially beginners. It will also suit riders who have been hitting the gym for some time but are looking for home workout equipment they can use on active recovery days.

The bike’s easy to access seat can be adjusted to suit the user’s preference. The ability to customize the seating promotes improved comfort during a workout. It also makes this bike a good option if more than one family member in the home plans on using it.

We love the fact that this bike is equipped with magnetic resistance because it provides a much smoother ride. Consumers who purchased this bike gave it a rating of four and a half out of five stars for easy assembly, pricing, resistance level options, and overall quality.

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